We are Legitimate towards Refunds and Returns

 Goldsextoy has its own refund and return policies. Those who want to buy or return a product from us should be aware of the important points that should be followed to ship products and receive payments as well.

Goldsextoy operates entirely throughout Guwahati and other parts of India. One can make his/her payment here internationally through schemes like Cash on Delivery, Debit/Credit cards, Payment mode etc.

Report us within 48 hours for a wrong product

When it comes to protecting information, data play a very crucial role in holding on to the image of an organization. Therefore, the information of our customers is kept private, whether it is someone’s name, email ID, address or anything confidential.

We Process Data to Good Use

 Goldsextoy not only gathers data but also processes them so as to make it easier for the user to shop from our site. Most importantly, one would be able to make legible claims later, if any.

We Gather your Data to Keep you Secured

There are several reasons why Goldsextoy requires data. Some of the reasons are managing the website, taking payments from customers, customizing specific sections of the website, and more. So, one should always ensure to provide correct information at all cost.

We Do not Welcome Third Parties

There are circumstances where Goldsextoy might ask for your updated order details. For this, one can simply log in to one’s account and access the data.


However, these facts should never be discussed with a third party under any situation. If this happens, Goldsextoy will not be answerable for any inconvenience caused as a result.


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